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What others have said about Dr Patt
What others have said about Dr Wolcott

  – Elise S. of Denver, CO (4/14/15)

“I called Dr. Wolcott this past Sunday, expecting to leave a message.  Instead, he answered right away and I was able to have a lengthy conversation about my two cats who needed exams and shots.  Initially, we scheduled a home visit for later this week, but after I told him that one of my cats had a very loose and infected tooth, he quickly said that he would come out the NEXT DAY.  We live in a high rise building in downtown Denver, and parking isn’t always easy;  I offered to reimburse him for his parking fees if he wasn’t able to find on-street parking (which he did, luckily!) Dr. Wolcott’s demeanor is very calm and unhurried and he has a gentle way with animals. He performed the exams quickly and thoroughly (heart, joints, eyes, ears, mouth).  He gave me very helpful tips for claw trimming (which has always been impossible with both our cats). He was able to extract the infected tooth with no problem and gave a shot of antibiotics. He also said that the infection might return after the initial round of antibiotic, in which case he would be happy to bring me pre-filled syringes of antibiotic to administer daily myself (which I have no problem doing).  I am thrilled to have found an experienced and knowledgeable vet who will come to my home, for less than what I used to pay at a vet’s office. If you have been thinking about looking for a mobile veterinarian, look no further:  call Dr. Wolcott today 303-394-3189. Hooray- no more stressful car rides for my cats!”

 – Matt L. of Aurora, CO (7/29/15)

“I am a new patient. Called Dr Wolcott for my dog’s annual check up and he scheduled us quickly. Has a great demeanor, was awesome with my dog and his prices are fair. I would recommend Dr Wolcott to my friends and family.” 

 –  Casi D. of Englewood, CO (2/19/15)

“I wish I could give more then 5 stars! I had a bad in home experience with a different in home doctor, and I found Dr. Wolcott and decided to give in home vets one last time and I am SO glad I did. He was so gentle with my 8 month old kitten and showed me exactly what was wrong with her. I felt like his prices were reasonable and I didn’t feel like he gave my kitten unnecessary medication. (The bad in home vet gave us 400$ of medication that we didn’t use.) Great! I will be using Dr. Wolcott from now on!”

  –  Liz L. of Denver, CO (4/10/15)

“I have a Bengal boy who randomly started vomiting a lot but was otherwise behaving normally. I hadn’t been in Denver long and was not established with a vet. I called Dr. Wolcott who took the time to listen to me ramble on nervously about my cat. Frankly I’m surprised he didn’t bust out laughing, maybe he did but if he did he at least muted himself. Anyway, he told me it was probably a food allergy (who knew cats could just randomly decide they’ve become allergic) and to switch his food to a non grain yada yada yada, call back if the vomiting continued. Keep in mind my cat was not an established patient and I hadn’t paid him anything yet. He called back 3 days later just to check up on my cat…who had finally stopped vomiting (praise deity of choice). Sooooo, all things considered, I will definitely utilize Dr Wolcott’s services for check ups and random health issues.”

 – Dawn W. of Denver, CO (6/4/2015)

“I wish I could give more than 5 stars to this amazing vet. I contacted Dr. Wolcott a couple of weeks ago when my beloved 12 year old Lab/Mastiff was having difficulty walking. He was so comforting and spent time with me explaining what could be wrong. I chose Pawspis for her, just wanting to keep her as comfortable as I could so family could say their good byes. Finally on June 2, 2015 I made that decision that is so hard to make. I figured better to do it a day early than a day late. Dr. Wolcott came to my home and was so gentle and comforting to all of us. He explained everything in detail and took care to answer all of our questions. Sierra is now in a better place and free from pain. I will definitely use Dr. Wolcott for all future medical needs for my other pets.”

 – Crickett P. of Denver, CO (12/28/2014)

“About a week before Christmas, we made a trip to the emergency vet with our nearly 17 year old cat, Ani. Ani was having breathing problems and we were told she either had cancer or heart failure. The vet at the time explained that the best we could do was to make her comfortable by removing the fluid which had accumulated around her lungs. We went ahead with that procedure and were able to take Ani home to rest and recover. The ER vet warned that the fluid would re-accumulate at some point (could be hours/days/weeks). Ani started eating less, ignoring her favorite toys, and avoiding snuggles (which she previously loved). A few days later, Ani was again having breathing issues, while they weren’t as severe, we knew we didn’t want to be in a cycle of taking her in to the ER every few days for a painful procedure. We made the very difficult decision to say goodbye.

We found Dr. Wolcott on Yelp. He was also a recommended home visit vet on a list from the ER. We made arrangements for Dr. Wolcott to meet at our home the following week. Dr. Wolcott took time to gather some history and information about the ER visit. He confirmed what the ER vet had said and made us feel more at ease in our decision to let Ani go. He explained the procedure and took time to let us say goodbye. We didn’t feel rushed and were very happy that she didn’t have to go through the stress of going to the vet on her last day. We said goodbye in the living room, with her curled up on one of her favorite blankets. Though I’ve lost pets before, this was the first time I had to make the decision to euthanize. I don’t think it could have went any better. Dr. Wolcott was understanding of my tears, comforting, and let us do things in our own time.”

 – Tina S. of Aurora, CO (3/06/2015)

“Dr. Wolcott was so calm and great with my 10 year old great Dane mastiff. He took a tremendous amount of time talking with us about my dog. I’ve never had a vet take so much time and ask so many questions to figure out what would be the best thing for his pain. I am so excited to have a new vet!”

 – Yousof B. of Westminster, CO (1/09/2015)

“I recently found out that my dog has lymphoma cancer. The vet I WAS using( not Dr. Wolcott) gave me prednisone to help with the cancer. Well my dog had a bad reaction to the prednisone. I then called Dr. Wolcott and explained the situation. Dr. Wolcott dropped everything he was doing and delivered a different kind of medicine to me while I was AT work. These new meds have helped my dog feel more comfortable. I can’t express how thankful I am to have called Dr. Wolcott he will definitely be my vet from now on!!”

 – Jeff M. of Denver, CO (8/01/2014)

“Peter was just by, Leo felt comfortable and allowed the exam without too much fuss.  This is nice that Peter makes house calls. That is very nice on my schedule.  I look forward to developing a long term relationship between Doc and my dog. Thanks Peter!”

 – Dunlap D. of Denver, CO (1/26/2015)

“I have a one-person cat that is highly traumatized when I take him into the vet.  He gets very defensive and screams and bites at the technicians.  So, I started using Dr. Wolcott to come out to my house.  I have used Dr. Wolcott twice to give my cat a 3-yr rabies shot (the cat is leash-trained and has a lot of exposure to squirrels, etc., in my back yard), and both times went fine and the cat barely knew that he received an injection!

My one complaint is that the Dr. showed up 40 minutes late to my appointment without a courtesy call to tell me he would be delayed (I had to call him after 35 minutes and ask what was up).  The day after this last rabies shot, my cat was very lethargic and seemed quite sick (he was fine after the 2nd day), but I believe that was out of the control of the vet.”

  – Jessica F. of Denver, CO (5/23/2014)

“Dr. WOLCOTT is absolutely amazing. I can’t say enough about his professional business and great personality.  We have 3 dogs and a kitty. All of my animals are afraid of going to the vet, but they love seeing Dr. Wolcott. He has a wonderful demeanor with animals and is highly intelligent and will explain everything with you thoroughly. He is very reasonably priced. ADDED bonus, he comes to your home! We have finally found an amazing veterinarian.  I highly recommend.”

  –  Michelle W. of Aurora, CO (8/24/2013)

“Best vet experience ever! Our dog is incredibly friendly to everyone, unless you are a vet. He gets anxious in the waiting room, small exam room, and by the time he sees the vet he’s just pissed.
The cat is even worse. Doc was able to come to our home and make a friendly introduction. We had space to keep both animals calm and happy. And they are both healthy and up on shots. What a great day!”

 – Honor P. Loveland, CO (3/28/2014)

“A kind person who is organized, communicative, considerate (of the animals especially), and thorough will come to your house for less money than a lot of other vets charge for you bringing the beasts to them. What’s not to like? A former feral cat (and our other special guy), and a dog who is, um, not always great with strangers were handled effectively, respectfully, and intelligently while I was in my pajamas and my husband was prepping dinner. What’s not to like?”

 – Vicki P. of Denver, CO  (2/29/2012)      Listed in My 2012 Yelp 100 Challenge, For Fido and Fluffy

The day arrived that every pet owner fears and dreads.  We made the incredibly tough decision to euthanize our precious cat.  Upon the recommendation of a friend, we called Dr. Wolcott on a Sunday evening.  He scheduled us for noon the next day. Dr. Wolcott carefully explained the injections and the process.  He was kind to us and gentle with our kitty.  He gave us the space to grieve and spend our final moments with our beloved pet of eighteen years. We were immensely grateful to have our kitty at home, where he was comfortable and felt safe, during his passing.  We were able to say goodbye to him in a familiar environment on both his terms and ours.  This was my first experience with euthanasia and, as far as I’m concerned, it is simply out of the question to go to a vet’s office for this heartbreaking procedure.  We chose an individual cremation and Dr. Wolcott handled all of the arrangements.  We can’t thank Dr. Wolcott enough for everything he did for us.  I’m sure euthanasia is probably the least desirable part of his practice but we are truly appreciative of this service.

This review is dedicated in loving memory of Jasper (August 8, 1993 – January 30, 2012).  He is forever in our hearts.

 – Catherine N. of Denver, CO

“Two of our generally sweet cats become absolute beasts when we try to wrangle them to go to the vet, and we have the scars to prove it.  Thus, the idea of a vet that makes house calls sounded like pure genius to me.  I called on a Wednesday and was able to make an appointment for that Saturday.  Dr. Wolcott gave us a call right before he arrived so we’d have time to herd our cats into bathroom.  While I can’t say the cats enjoyed the visit, I can say unequivocally that we and our cats were less traumatized by the whole experience in comparison to our typical vet experiences.  Dr. Wolcott was very friendly and personable which is important when you’re inviting someone into your home!  And, of course, he was great with our cats despite their hissing and protests.  The cherry on top was that it was actually cheaper than the other vet that we visit.  Overall, we had a really great experience with Dr. Wolcott, will definitely plan to use his services in the future, and would recommend him without any reservations.”

 – Kim C. of Denver, CO (12/8/2013)

“For 2 anxious vet-shy rescue kitties w stress induced colitis, Dr. Wolcott made the difference between surviving and truly living!  Woke to happy hungry kitties after a night of nausea-free snuggles.  Plus a wealth of common sense tips based on information a veterinarian can’t gather during a typical office visit.  Calmed my anxiety, too.”

 – Genevieve L. of Denver, CO (2/11/2013)

“I have a cat that is terrified of travel.  He tries so desperately to escape his carrier that he ends up bloody by the time we get to the vet.  I am so lucky that Dr Wolcott was recommended to me.  Dr. Wolcott’s visit was so pleasant and easy, that I don’t know why I didn’t call him sooner.  He got my cat updated on all his vaccinations and gave me hints on how to trim his nails effectively.  I am impressed.”

 – GG-J. of Denver, CO (7/21/2011)

“If I could give 6 stars, I would… Dr. Peter Wolcott came over to give our bull terrier her first shots, he’s very professional, courteous and punctual. We sat and talked pets for a while, traded stories and got to know a little about each other. Aside from his awesome services, he’s very friendly and our dogs seemed to love him. I think we found our family vet.
He also gave pretty good advice about “pet insurance”, what he told me was to take what you would pay as your monthly premium and put it into a bank account that way you have money to pay the vet should anything happen to one of our furry children…”

 – Chip I. of Denver, CO (12/29/2010)

“Dr. Wolcott  maintains a mobile veterinary service, (i.e HOUSE CALLS!). This keeps his overhead down, which means I’m not paying for his office staff, building, equipment etc.  What’s more, I don’t have to schlep my two Labradors to an office, which just makes things simpler all around. He will always recommend a conservative, economical course of treatment or medication.  My older lab, for instance, probably wouldn’t tolerate anesthesia for a teeth cleaning, but she could get by just fine if the plaque got scraped the next time she went to the groomer.  For less routine matters, he refers patients to Montclair, a nearby full service veterinary hospial. My 7 year old has never had the pleasure of a dental, but he’ll be getting one soon at Montclair, at a reasonable cost.

I’ve been to different veterinarians around Denver in the last 20 years. Most recently, I’d been taking my  labs to Firehouse, but I cringed when I had to take one of them in, because of the heavy over-diagnosis,  up-selling, and guilt-tripping. When I realized that I was getting behind in their annual checkups because I was scared to see the bill, I decided it was time to return to sanity and go back to Dr. Wolcott. He may not be for you if you prefer the clinical setting with a front office and a lot of lab coats. He’s more like a country vet: down to earth, and taking care of what needs taking care of– nothing fancy.  His PO address is south Denver, I think, but I believe he does house calls all around Denver.”

 – Marjorie A. of Denver, CO (7/08/2012)

“Dr. Wolcott was able to see our dog on the same day as my initial request for an appointment. I was very satisfied with his service, knowledge and patience as he vaccinated and prepped our dog for an airplane trip next week. I’d absolutely use Dr. Wolcott again for our cat.”

 – Scott S. of Denver, CO (3/26/2013)

“I found Dr. Wolcott through Yelp, and very glad I did. I really didn’t want to go through the hassle of finding a new vet in my neighborhood, and then the stress and trauma of transporting my 2 kitties to an office (not to mention being short by 1 cat carrier). I had the preconception that in-home visits would be more expensive than an office call — not only was I wrong, he was cheaper! Very patient, gentle with the cats, and took the time to discuss food & nutrition. Highly recommended, and I plan on making him the family cat doc.”

 – Alicia H. of Denver, CO (10/08/2013)

“My cat HATES the vet. He is extremely uncooperative and usually has notes all over his chart warning staff members about his behavior. They usually have to sedate him just to examine him, which means more money, but I do it to keep him healthy. I hate going through the process just as much as my cat does. I decided to check out home vets to see if it would make the exams easier on him. I was pleasantly pleased to see my cat greet Dr. Wolcott even though he smelled like other animals. He let him pet him and examine him without much fuss. He was content with me holding him during the shots and didn’t flinch. The only thing my cat didn’t like was Dr. Wolcott looking at him gums (which I feel is understandable)  and he bat at him without claws. I was amazed to hear there weren’t any claws. I’ve never heard of him doing that unless it was me or my husband. I highly recommend Dr. Wolcott for anyone who has anxious pets. My cat was extremely comfortable right after the first smell, which he doesn’t do with everyone.”

 – Tara P. of Aurora, CO (6/1/2015)

“Best Vet Ever! My dog Tashabear was aging and I knew I wanted to get a vet to come to my house because she was so skittish of clinics and I just wanted to ease her anxiety. So I began looking vets up and notice Dr.Wolcott went to CSU vet school, being from Fort Collins I am well aware of the reputation of the best vet school in the nation. So I called him and he quickly scheduled me and my puppy and he was absolutely wonderful. Friendly and my Tashabear was comfortable. So our plan was quality of life. He even came back later when it was time to put Tashabear down. The roughest day of my life and he helped me get through it. I can’t say enough good things about Dr.Wolcott. You won’t go wrong with him as your vet. As soon as I adopt another dog, he will be my vet again.”

 – Ta S. of Denver, CO (1/29/2015)

“Doctor Wolcott goes above and beyond. He’s helped us with our aging Pyr, who is miserable traveling these days so we decided to research a mobile vet. We’re so happy we found Doc Wolcott. We’ll be using him as our regular vet with our other pets too. I’ve seen some folks note that he sometimes is late in arriving, but when you think about it, how often do you show up at a vet office and have to wait? He spent time with us in a caring manner and I would trade the value of good time spent during his visit for a bit of waiting, knowing that he won’t just rush the appointment if his day falls behind. We’ll just be prepared that it might take him longer than he hoped in getting to us — we can wait in the comfort of our home rather than in a clinic’s waiting area.”

 – Carolyne J. of Denver, CO (10/15/2014)

“Yesterday we said a fond farewell to our cat Harriet. She was kind of a bitch, but smart and often funny. She was just shy of 17 years old. She was suffering from arthritis, hyperthyroidism and her kidneys were failing. When it seemed clear to me that the scale had tipped from enjoying life to suffering too much, I made the decision. Harriet hated going to the vet’s office more than anything, so that was right out. Dr. Wolcott came and euthanized her out in the backyard garden in her favorite sunny spot by some tomato plants. He was very kind and explained everything thoroughly.
I CANNOT recommend Mile High Mobile Vet Service enough!!!!”

 – Carol B. of Lone Tree, CO (10/12/2014)

“Dr. Wolcott has been a godsend to us over the years.  He is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate veterinarian who has gotten our dogs & cats (and us as parents) through ear infections, thyroid problems, dog attack, and other health issues.  With a home visit, the animals were not stressed and were not exposed to other animals’ illnesses. With his help, all of our animals lived to a very old age. And yes, when the time came to say goodbye to our dogs, there is none better to show up at your house to get you through that also.  Now we have some new kittens who will get to visit with Dr. Wolcott.  We think that he is the best.”

 – Juan M. of Aurora, CO (4/7/2014)

“My cat was getting up in years. It became time to put her down. She would have good days and bad days I was having a hard time trying to decide what to do. I just wasn’t ready to let her go. I was really concerned about her health but I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars trying to keep her alive for just a few months.  I found Dr Wolcott online and gave him a call. I scheduled her  euthanasia and Dr. Wolcott was so kind and nice. She started acting a little better so I called Dr. Wolcott back and canceled the euthanasia. A few days later Dr. Wolcott called me back just to check on Spazz. I was so impressed by the impromptu call and his concern. I scheduled for him to come over just to take a look at Spazz and see if we couldn’t give her a good end quality-of-life. He is very kind he understood I wasn’t really ready to let her go. So he  gave spaz a little medication to encourage her to eat but a week later I ended up having to put her down. I just can’t thank Doc enough for everything he did for spaz and our family. I would recommend him to everyone.”

 – Carol J. of Denver, CO (8/21/2013)

“WOW  WOW   I cant say Thank You enough to Dr. Wolcott.  We have two cats who are terrified of the cat carrier no matter which way I tried.  Dr Wolcott came to the house as promised and took care of the cats quickly and swiftly. Blue stayed on the floor and Dr Wolcott was able to give her the shots.  Lucky the other cat had to be subdued to the bathroom.  Lucky is terrified of people and Dr. Wolcott had to use a net to give her the shots.  I cant say Thank You enough!”

 – Gabe M. of Denver, CO (3/13/2013)

“I found Dr. Wolcott on Yelp…glad I did! I have a good size cat who’s powerful and very scared of vet visits. Dr. Wolcott had him subdued, vaccinated and on his way in no time! Great service by a very nice person. I will definitely be using him again.”

 – Sandra M. of Denver, CO (9/27/2012)

“I found Dr. Wolcott through Yelp and was very impressed by his reviews. We had the sad duty to deliver our dog from a painful death and called Dr. Wolcott for in-home euthanasia. He was able to schedule an appointment for the next day and helped us through the horrible pain of losing our friend of over 13 years. He was patient, kind and professional. This was our first in-home euthanasia after having 3 previous dogs euthanized at a vet office. This was so much better for our dog and for us, as she got to pass in a familiar and loving environment with minimal stress. I very highly recommend Dr. Wolcott.”

 – Mary P. of Denver, CO (7/2/2012)

“I agree with all the other poster’s comments on this page. We have a number of pets so it was much easier to have Dr. Wolcott come to our house. All our pets really took to him right away. He is a wonderful, practical doctor and he explains everything that he is doing in advance. He’s also just as down to earth as they come. We are thrilled to have found him! Mary P.”

 – Kerry R. of Denver, CO (5/8/2012)

“Dr. Wolcott is absolutely the BEST!  Being new to the area, was not sure where to go, and with 4 dogs needing their annual shots, I knew it would be tough to get this done in one appointment, especially with their fear of the clinic.  Dr. Wolcott was so patient and caring with my dogs. I would highly recommend him.  He is so knowledgeable, and made a somewhat stressful event very pleasant.  I am truly grateful to have found him!”

 – Suzanne L. of Aurora, CO (2/5/2012)

“Dr. Wolcott is certainly as good as it gets! We are so glad to have found Mile High Mobile Vet Service.  The care provided is exemplary, deeply caring and most importantly for us, within our home – house calls for our beloved!  

Here is a summary of a note to a friend following Dr. Wolcott’s visit:
I found Dr. Wolcott to be a learned, warm & caring, and experienced vet.  He’s been doing it @26 yrs. travelen’ around – he definitely has the spirit for it, so I have found!  We are doing everything possible for and with our old boy’s best interests at heart.  I have a warm comfort of Dr. Wolcott’s assessment.  He is also available any time or day for additional services.
Thank you for all that you do!”

 – Jeanie D. of Denver, CO (5/25/2011)

“Dr Wolcott is a skilled, caring veterinarian. The first time he came to my home was to euthanize my Beloved Keokee-Dawg. He was very gentile, comforting & came Friday afternoon before Memorial Day wkend. Because I have three wolfdogs (one of them a Service Dog), a cat, two parrots & a canary I appreciate his wide range of knowledge & care of a wide variety of species. We are a very low income family. I’m 100% disabled & three people live on my meager SSDI. Dr Wolcott always has cost-cutting suggestions without risking my animals health. He also promptly returns phone calls and explains your pet’s condition & options thoroughly until you clearly understand what your best decision would be for your animal.”

 – Paul L. of Denver, CO (3/6/2011)

“Excellent Value, and he’s great with our two dogs!  Give him a try and you’ll never go back to your old vet.”