About Mile High Mobile Veterinary Services

Dr Peter Wolcott is a Colorado State University trained, licensed veterinarian with 37 years of clinical practice experience in small animal and exotic veterinary care.

Dr. Peter Wolcott grew up in the mile high city – Denver, Colorado, a graduate of East High School (’73). He spent the next year living and working on a farm/ranch on the western slope in Colorado. It was at that time that he was inspired to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. He graduated from Colorado State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science (1979) and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 1982.

Following graduation he worked at a busy small animal practice in Thornton, Co. On several occasions he was asked to make a few house calls and discovered that there were many advantages to home-based pet care over the cold sterile environment of seeing patients in a clinic. Since 1983, he has been treating pets at home and occasionally does a little relief work at clinics to help out other veterinarians in town. His hobbies include tennis, hiking, traveling, and reading western novels. Dr. Wolcott married his junior high school sweet heart – Jill (office manager).

His areas of focus include:

  • Preventative care
  • Pain management for pets, and
  • Pawspice (pet end-of-life care)
  • Compassionate home euthanasia



  • Colorado State University – Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science (1979)
  • Colorado State University – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (1982)

Dr Jasmine Wolcott is a Tuskeegee University second generation licensed and experienced veterinarian with six years of clinical practice experience in small animal routine and emergency veterinary care.

Dr. Jasmine Wolcott grew up in Denver, Colorado, and earned her Bachelor's and Master Degree from Seton Hall University in Diplomacy and International Relations on a full Athletic Scholarship for Tennis before being admitted to Tuskegee University where she received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2011.

Following graduation, her innate love for travel and exploration brought her initially to southern Ontario, where she began a slow Westward shift in small animal clinics along southern Canada, ending at the ocean in an Emergency Clinic on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Thirty-four years into the legacy of her parent's longest established home-based practice in Denver, Colorado, she joined Mile High Mobile Vet in 2017 where she first fell in love with Veterinary Medicine.  During her free time, she enjoys almost everything outside: tennis, backpacking with her Fiancé (Jesse - who may occasionally help with phone calls) and their adopted hound mutt Grits, mountain biking, climbing and snowboarding.

Her areas of focus include:

  • Preventative care
  • Pain management for pets, and
  • End-of-life pet care
  • Compassionate home euthanasia



  • Seton Hall University – Bachelor of Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Seton Hall University - Master of Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Tuskegee University - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (2011)

You and your pets deserve a veterinarian who listens, engages, informs and provides solutions.

We want to be that veterinarian for you and your pets.

We Want What's Best for Your Pet

Traditional office-based veterinarians are responsible for the care of thousands of animals. The cold, sterile environment of the office-based veterinary practice is often hurried, uncoordinated, illness-focused and prone to medical errors. Prevention and wellness if too often an afterthought. Our personalized veterinary practice keeps your pet at home, in familiar surroundings, and is limited to a few hundred patients we’ve been attending for more than 34 years here in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding communities.

We offer comprehensive non-emergency, non-surgical care for your dog or cat and some exotic animals. In addition to medical care, preventative care, and in-home euthanasia, we take special interest in providing palliative care to seriously ill pets or hospice care to pets that are nearing their end of life. Mobile vet visits at your home in and around Denver are designed around your needs – not by time constraints and a busy waiting room full of sick and injured animals.

I have chosen to pursue a personalized practice model that enables me to provide unhurried, comprehensive care for your pet on your terms, when your pet needs medical or end-of-life care, compassionately and cost effectively. Chances are good that you’ll pay less than you are paying now and enjoy the convenience and comfort only available through at-home, personalized, veterinary care for your pets.  As of 2017, my wife Jill who is my office manager and I are proud to add our daughter, Jasmine Wolcott, DVM to our practice. to accommodate the growth we've experienced as Denver's longest established home-based veterinary service provider.

My full-service, home-based veterinary care practice is centered on four principles: My sincere goal is that you can say “My veterinarian knows me and my pet”. “My veterinarian is knowledgeable”. “My veterinarian talks to me about the latest information in health care that is relevant to me and my pet”. “I trust my veterinarian ”.

I invite you to find out more about my practice. Please call me at 303-394-3189. Questions about Mile High Mobile Veterinary Services are welcome at any time.

Dr Peter Wolcott, DVM, Founder

Mile High Mobile Vet